Congratulations to the following:

Congratulations to Jerry & Margaret Pawlowski on their 60th Wedding Anniversary on May 23!

Congratulations to the young students from our schools in Tilbury who celebrated their first Holy Communion on May 11 and 12 at St. Francis Xavier Church!

  • Gavin Guerette and Jessica Archibald, who were married on May 4 at St. Francis Xavier
  • Easter Vigil Sacraments of Initiation April 20:
    • Baptism:  Layklen Langlois
    • Baptism, Confirmation & First Holy Eucharist:  Lola and Avery Anderson
    • Profession of Faith, Confirmation and First Holy Eucharist:  Shawn Boyle
    • Confirmation:  Cameron Arnel, Maxwell McCracken, Landyn Marchand, Ashtyn Marchand
  • Daniel Glasier and Elliot Vince, who were confirmed at St.Peter’s on Sunday, February 17 at 8:30 a.m. Mass
  • Klair Labadie who was baptized January 5
  • Roger and Monique Lansue, celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary
  • Dennis Thibodeau & Laura Carroll married at St. Peter’s on October 6
  • Scott Parent & Angela Quenneville married at St. Francis on October 13
  • Scott Lewis & Jessica Wills married at. St. Francis on October 20