Visit here often to see changes to schedules, meetings, new programs, new series, etc.  And check the Parish Calendar for revisions as well for daily mass changes, school mass changes etc. 

Note the following Mass cancellations/changes:

  • Saturday, Dec 14:  NO 5:00 pm Mass at St. Francis.  Mass at 5:00 pm will be at St. Peter’s instead.

  • Sunday, Dec. 15:  NO 8:30 am Mass at St. Peter’s.  Mass at 10:00 am at St. Francis as usual.

  • Morning Mass, Tuesdays at St. Francis Xavier are cancelled until further notice.   7:00 pm Mass will continue at St. Peter’s.

Our Parish Lottery Calendar:

Help us fill the 365 days of our 2020 Calendar. St. Francis is doing a 2020 Calendar Lottery to help retire the capital debt for our recent Gift and Surge Campaign project. Please help us fill all 365 days of our calendar so that all or most of our proceeds can go directly to retire the debt.

You can sponsor:

The $20 daily prize

The  $50 weekly draw

An amount above $20 or your choosing.

We accept gifts cards, gift certificates, and services.

We also recognizing important occasions in parishioners lives for a gift of $100.  That day will be reserved for your occasion and the donor and occasion will appear on that date.

Other dates will be accommodated with the donor’s name only if the date is still available.

Contact 519 682 0814 to give your donation or drop it off at the church with your donation, the date desired, your name, address and envelope number.

We hope to have the calendar out in time for Christmas giving, so get your sponsorships in as soon as possible.

Building Update for Parishioners of St. Francis Xavier Parish  August 2019:

Even with the completion of the additions and upgrades, we will still have a balance owing towards our loan. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.