Visit here often to see changes to schedules, meetings, new programs, new series, etc.  And check the Parish Calendar for revisions as well for daily mass changes, school mass changes etc. 

Coffee Sunday for September has been cancelled!

Attention all lectors, please go to the sign in room where there are packages made up with instructions from Fr. Chris. Please read all the literature that is inside the envelopes.  This helps us save on the cost of stamps.  If there is someone who you know who is unable to pick up their package, please pick theirs up and deliver to them. Thank you for your assistance. 

Note the following Mass cancellations/changes:

  • Morning Mass, Tuesdays at St. Francis Xavier are cancelled until further notice.   7:00 pm Mass will continue at St. Peter’s.

Building Update for Parishioners of St. Francis Xavier Parish  August 2019:

Our Building Committee would like to update you on the happenings over the past couple of months. We had an issue with the Sacristy roof leaking, the roofing company has been on site on
a few different occasions and now feel they have the problem solved. We have been monitoring it and so far the issue appears to be solved. The water leak caused some damage to the cabinetry wall and ceiling and will be repaired at their expense. The Parking lot approach at the main foyer: The Architect is responsible for the required repairs and resurfacing of that area due to their own miscalculations. They have had some issues with the company they chose to do the work required, and have now found another supplier to do the necessary work. We have been in constant
communication with them as well as the Diocese to get this rectified. The cost to do the repairs and resurfacing will be paid by Baird AE Architects NOT the Parish. The Vestry that is being constructed in the North Bell Tower is well under way and should be completed by the time you read this update. There are a few deficiencies yet to be cleared up prior to closing the contract and they are being addressed.

Even with the contract nearing completion we will still have a balance owing towards our loan. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.