Stewardship Prayer

“Almighty God, we give thanks for all that we have and all that we are.  Most of all, we give thanks for the great gift of your Son, Jesus.  We pray that through a personal relationship with the Risen Christ, our hearts will be opened to continued conversion in our lives.  We pray that we may be good stewards: that we will follow faithfully, serve joyfully, give generously, live responsibly, and possess sensibly.  In gratitude for the abundant gifts You have so graciously given to us, we return to You the first fruits of these gifts, through acts of service and by generously sharing all that You have entrusted to us.  Heavenly Father, by Your Holy Spirit, help us to be a gift to others in Your name.  Amen”

As we give our time, talent and treasure at St. Francis and St. Peter’s Parish Cluster, we are excited to be a part of a growing faith community that is vibrant, enthusiastic and committed to loving God, loving others and making disciples.

As parishioners, we believe that the Holy Spirit has prepared works for us to do that will advance the Kingdom of Christ.  We recognize God’s call on us to serve both within our parish and beyond.  In the service of the Lord, we can always do more.

Explore how you can use the talents you have:  Stewardship – A Way of Life

What talents do you bring to the Parish?   Just because there isn’t a ministry that fits with your talents, don’t worry!  Think outside the box and let us know!

What skills do you use at your workplace?  Do you teach others?  Are you good with computers, graphic design, or videos?  Do you enjoy giving of yourselves and helping others?  Are you a tradesperson who can help with tasks around the parish?

Talk to a member of the Parish Staff and let us know how you can get involved!

Music Ministry:

Offer your singing voice or musical talents in praise of God and leading God’s people in worship.  Practices and rehearsals are held.  For St. Francis Xavier, please contact Theresa Gadal for 5:00 p.m. Mass or Shirley Mailloux for 10:00 a.m. Mass.  At St. Peter’s-on-the-Thames, contact Bob Daudlin for 8:30 a.m. Mass.

Liturgy Committee/Sacred Space & Environment:

Assist in decorating for the various liturgical seasons and special events.  There are usually three meetings per year, plus times for decorating.  Please see Theresa Gadal at St. Francis Xavier or Laurie Herman at St. Peter’s-on-the-Thames.

Lectors & Commentators:

Confirmed parishioners who communicate God’s Word by proclaiming the readings at the Sunday Eucharist or Weekday Masses, with clarity and enthusiasm.  Assignments are scheduled on a rotating basis.  Training is offered and there is one meeting per year. plus training for new lectors/commentators.  Please contact Mike Ouellette at St. Francis Xavier and Sheri Peltier at St. Peter’s-on-the-Thames.

The Lectors’ Schedule for St. Francis is:

The Lector’s Schedule for St. Peter’s is  St Peter’s Ministry Schedule

Eucharistic Ministry to the Sick & Elderly:

Eucharistic Ministers who bring communion to the homebound and those in nursing homes or senior residences on a rotating basis.  Training is provided.  After mandating from our Bishop, training and mentoring will be provided as well as orientation to the nursing home or senior residence.  A police clearance for those working with vulnerable people will be required in accordance with our diocesan, ‘Called, Gifted and Sent‘ program. There is one meeting per year plus training for new Eucharistic Ministers.  Please contact Fr. Chris.

Eucharistic Ministry at Parish Masses:

In this setting, the Eucharistic Minister will assist the Priest Celebrant with the distribution of Holy Communion at the weekend celebrations.  No police clearance is required.  Training and mentoring will be provided.  Assignments are scheduled on a rotating basis.  Please contact Ken Thibert at St. Francis Xavier and Sheri Peltier at St. Peter’s-on-the-Thames.

The Eucharistic Ministry schedule for St. Francis is available :

Eucharistic Min Sched Current 2020

The Eucharistic Ministry schedule for St. Peter’s is  St Peter’s Ministry Schedule

All are welcome to adore the Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist solemnly exposed in the Monstrance each 1st Friday of the month from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at St. Francis Xavier concluding with benediction.  People are needed to provide prayer for one hour during this time period.  Please contact Catherine Gadal.

Altar Servers:

Families and children Grade 3 and up to assist the priest at weekend Masses, scheduled on a rotating basis.  Training is provided.  Please contact Deacon Raymond Girard  or our Pastoral Minister, Katherine Marsh.  At. St.Peter’s contact Sheri Peltier.

Funeral Altar Servers:

Adults who assist the priests at funerals, who must be available on a 2-3 day notice, often during the week in the  mornings.  Training is provided.  Please contact Helen McCauliffe at St. Francis and Stan Powell at St. Peter’s.

Offertory/Gift Bearers:

In this Ministry you will simply make yourself available to process the Bread and Wine and offertory collection to the Altar at one of the weekend Masses.  Assignments are scheduled on a rotating basis.  Please see Tammy Labonte at St. Francis and Stan Powell at St. Peter’s.

Altar Society:  Care of Sacred Linens, Altar Cloths, Cleaning of Sacred Vessels, Cleaning of the Church at St. Peter’s:

Please see Judy McCracken at St. Francis or Rene Roels/Lori Herman at St. Peter’s.


This important ministry is a ‘good fit’ for those who may be retired and have some extra time to donate to the life of the parish.  This role includes setting up and preparing for the daily Mass or weekend Masses.  It  may also include unlocking the Church before the Mass, turning on lights and audio system.  Ensuring that the Roman Missal and Lectionary are open and set to the appropriate day.  All training is provided by the Parish Priest.  Please contact Fr. Chris if you are interested.  The more we have in this ministry, the load is easier for others. 


This ministry will help Welcome parishioners and guests at the entrances of our churches at weekend Masses and special celebrations.  Helping those requiring assistance with steps etc.  This ministry will be scheduled on a rotating basis.  Training is provided and a good smile is required!  Contact our Pastoral Minister, Katherine Marsh for both St. Francis and St. Peter’s.

Cafe Ministry/Coffee Sundays:

Help prepare coffee and ‘goodies’ and socialize with fellow parishioners after 5:00 p.m. Mass on Saturday and 10:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday – once a month but not in July or August.  Please contact Kathy McDonald at St. Francis and Marg Roszell at St. Peter’s.  (there is a sign-up sheet at St. Peter’s after 8:30 a.m. Mass on Sundays.


Parishioners of Confirmation age and up to provide hospitality and assistance throughout the Eucharist.  Training is provided.  Please contact one of the parish offices. 

Sunday School (ages 3-6):

Lessons in small groups geared to Sunday liturgy as well as games, crafts, stories and songs.  Lessons are lead with other leaders.  Training is provided.  Please contact Carol Primeau at St. Francis and Yvette Glasier at St. Peter’s. 

Baptismal Prep Team:

We are hoping to create a team of adults who have a willingness to meet with couples who are considering having their child(ren) Baptized into the Catholic Faith under the guidance of Pastoral Minister Katherine Marsh. These couples will meet either at the Church Hall or the parents’ home to view a video and have a discussion regarding the Sacrament and share their own experiences of faith.  What also is of even greater importance is to help the parents feel welcome in our parish family, possibly to sit with them, introduce them to others in the parish, have a coffee with them – help them to feel welcomed and a part of our parish family.  Please contact Katherine Marsh if you are interested.

First Communion/Reconciliation:

Assist in preparing students to receive First Communion and/or First Reconciliation. Training is provided.  Please contact our Pastoral Minister, Katherine Marsh.


Assist in preparing students to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.  This includes a Retreat, rehearsal and sacrament. Training is provided.  Please contact our Pastoral Minister, Katherine Marsh.

Marriage Prep Team:

In coordination with or future family of parishes, we invite those married couples who wish to share their experience to help with a Marriage Preparation team.  Also, there will be two yearly meetings at St. Francis and St. Peter’s with those who are preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage – to get to know each other and to help them feel welcomed in our faith community.  Parts of the Beloved program will be utilized under the guidance of Fr. Chris and Deacon Raymond.

RCIA Program:

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the way adults come to learn about and experience the Christian life, specifically our Roman Catholic tradition, and become initiated into the life of our Church through the celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation:  Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.  The RCIA is not something new.  It is a return to the earliest traditions of our Church which took place between the second and the fifth centuries of the Christian era!  The RCIA takes place step by step in the midst of the Christian community.  The whole community is called to reflect upon the value of their faith, to renew their own conversion, and by their example, to lead those who are searching to be open to the presence of the Spirit in their lives.

RCIA Participant:

Participation in the process in which individuals are guided and cared for as they awaken in faith and are introduced to the Catholic way of life, marked by liturgical rites in which new Catholics embark on and join us in a continuing and deepening conversion into faith and discipleship.  Weekly gatherings are held between October and Easter.

RCIA Sponsor:

To journey with candidates, share their faith and attend weekly classes.  Please contact our Pastoral Minister, Katherine Marsh or Fr. Chris for more information.


Individuals assist in providing support to various local and global social justice initiatives, such as Carts for Compassion, Christmas Shoebox, Share Lent, Baby Bottle Campaign, Giving Tree, Tilbury Help Centre,  and St. Vincent de Paul , CWL, Knights of Columbus, Refugee Committee, Save a Family Plan etc.


Individuals responsible for communications planning and strategy development.  Overseeing the content of all media sources including website, social media and all local media outlets.  Getting our parish information to outside sources.  To assist with all presentations and use of overhead projection.

Bereavement Ministry – ‘Grief Share’ program:

This ministry began in November 2017 in our parish family with our November 2 Celebration of Life Mass.  Team members have been undergoing training to prepare to offer our first support group beginning in fall of 2018.  See the Bereavement Ministry tab on the home page for dates and more information or in Upcoming Events tab for dates.  To become part of this team or to attend sessions for your own personal journey, contact Fr. Chris.

Farm Committee at St. Peter’s:

This is a sub-committee of the Building Committee.  Please contact Anita Tourangeau or Stan Powell.

Hall Committee at St. Peter’s:

Please contact Anita Tourangeau or Lori Herman

Collection Counters:

Please contact Kathy Carrick or Lucy Daigneau at St. Francis and Sheri Peltier at St. Peter’s.

Small Faith Group/Book Study Groups:

Please contact Bill Bolohan 

Governance:  Parish Pastoral Council (PPC):

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body, pastoral in nature, because it strives to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit among God’s people in the parish.  A Parish Pastoral Council gives its help to the pastor in fostering pastoral activity; it investigates, under the authority of the pastor, all those things that pertain to pastoral works to ponder them, and to propose practical conclusions about them.  It is essential that Council meetings occur in the context of prayer and openness to the Holy Spirit, so that at all times, the common good will prevail.

Specifically, the Parish Pastoral Council’s purpose is to enhance the process of:

  • pastoral planning
  • developing pastoral programs
  • improving pastoral services
  • evaluating effectiveness of various programs and services

Although the Council is not a body which makes binding decisions, the recommendations of the Pastoral Council are to be taken seriously when grounded in prayer, discernment and communal wisdom.  The pastor presides over the Parish Pastoral Council.  The pastor is responsible for the final approval of Council recommendations concerning pastoral planning, programs and services for the parish, as well as for their implementation. While the pastor is not obligated to follow the recommendations of the Parish Pastoral Council, it is understood that he ought to do so unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise.  If there is such a reason, the pastor should share this with the Council.

The PPC meets September to June once a month in the evening.  This past year, we developed a new Vision or Mission Statement for our parishes and will soon be presenting it to you.  Also we have begun work on a 5 year Pastoral Plan which is mandated by our Bishop for each parish to have to help guide us towards the new reality of the Family of Parishes.  If you are interested in serving on our clustered parish family’s PPC, please contact Fr. Chris.

Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee works closely with the pastor, who is accountable to the diocesan bishop for the administration and stewardship of the temporal goods of the parish. The pastor, according to Canon Law, has among his responsibilities, the responsibility for parish financial and temporal management.  The Parish Finance Council is a consultative body that assists the pastor in meeting these obligations.  While the Parish Finance Council does not have decision making authority, consultation is at the heart of the decision-making process – sharing information, listening, contributing to the discussion and promoting consensus.

In order to be effective in their responsibilities as members of the Parish Finance Council, members should have a love for the Church and its mission and develop a thorough understanding of the parish’s mission, goals, people and other resources.  The members should have knowledge of diocesan statutes and policies regarding temporal issues and other financial matters.  It is the pastor’s responsibility to give the members appropriate background and enrichment so that they are able to carry out their duties.  If you feel called to serve in this area, please contact Paul Courey at St. Francis and Bob Daudlin at St. Peter’s.  This committee meets monthly at St. Francis and as needed at St. Peter’s.

Building & Maintenance Committee:

This volunteer committee is a consultative body of lay persons with experience in the mechanical or electrical engineering field, architecture, plumbing or HVAC, fire regulations or contracting matters, who advise the Pastor in matters pertaining to building construction and major property maintenance issues and oversee the maintenance and repair of the Parish buildings and grounds.  Activities and responsibilities include:

  • reviewing history contained in files on the maintenance and repair of the parish building and its surroundings, which include church, parish hall, rectory, grounds/gardens,, parking lot etc.
  • regularly inspecting the parish facilities to assess the maintenance and repair requirements and report all findings to the Property Manager and/or Pastor
  • meeting as a Committee periodically throughout the year to discuss, prioritize and make recommendations to the Pastor on maintenance and repair of property
  • preparing reports for the Parish Finance Council and Stewardship Council about the repair and maintenance work needing to be done around the parish.  All is done with regard to Diocesan policy and procedures

If interested in serving on this committee, please contact Bill Bolohan or JP Labonte at St. Francis and Stan Powell at St. Peter’s.

Parish Cemeteries (Parish Cemetery Board)

Our cemeteries are peaceful and holy places, consecrated as the final resting place of our loved ones.  We hope you will take the time to visit our cemeteries and offer prayers, including prayers for those that have gone before us.  The Diocese 116 parishes operate 66 parish cemeteries across southwestern Ontario.  Each parish cemetery is the responsibility of the local parish and ultimately the parish Pastor.  Thankfully, we have experienced and compassionate volunteer cemetery boards at each of our parish cemeteries that work with their local parish and the diocese in carrying out this ministry of the Church.  In our parish cluster, we are responsible for St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, St. Peter’s Cemetery, and St. Charles Cemetery.

The Cemetery Board is responsible for the day to day and strategic decisions at the parish cemetery, including meeting with families for sale of graves, arranging digging of the graves, ensuring compliance with the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act (Province of Ontario law), arranging grounds maintenance and making strategic decisions such as pricing, by-laws and future development.

I’d encourage you to pre-plan your final arrangements and notify your family members so that they are aware of the details.  Speak to your parish priest about the Funeral Mass, including hymns and readings.  Put all of this in writing and give copies to your family members.

Many of our cemeteries struggle financially.  If you would like to make a donation to assist with the upkeep of a particular cemetery, you can do so through the parish responsible for that cemetery.  The parish will issue you an income tax receipt.  At St. Francis, you can contact Liz Trudell or Wilf DeNeve and at St. Peter’s, Stan Powell or anyone on the cemetery boards.

Fundraising Committee – GIFT Program and Sunday Collection:

As  you know very well, this is an ongoing ministry in the life of any parish family.  As good stewards of the gifts that God has given us we must always be a people of prayer looking forward in our planning and trusting in the providence of God.  But with that trust, we must also plan and anticipate our financial needs for the future.  Continued support of our Sunday General Collection is absolutely imperative!  There is always the problem when running a capital campaign that generous people (WHICH YOU ARE!!!) are generous to the Capital Campaign – but may forget or lessen their gift to the Sunday collection – the everyday expenses of staffing, heating, general repair, office supplies and maintenance of equipment, costs of running programs, sacramental prep, snow removal, etc.  These are all supplied by the Sunday offerings.  God bless you for all that you do.

Costs for the renovations at St. Francis have been higher than originally estimated so we are continuing our fundraising as a Jump A Colour in the GIFT campaign.  Pledge cards are available at the church and office.

Direct Deposit:  Attending Mass out of town?  Or just tired of looking for cash or no cheques left?  Direct deposit is the next best way to provide your ongoing financial support.  Registration forms are available at the Parish office.

The Diocese of London website is an excellent source of up-to-date information and prayer.  Feel free to visit it regularly.

The Holy See has a wealth of information and prayer sources with direct links to Vatican news and Pope Francis’ Twitter feed.

Praying the Rosary:  Matthew Kelly, author of Dynamic Catholic, has detailed information on his website for the prayers and mysteries of the rosary.

Daily Readings from Catholic Online

Litany of Humility 

Knights of Columbus:

The Knights are an international Catholic men’s fraternal organization that promotes faith, charity and fraternity. We have two councils in our parishes: the Monsignor A.J. McNabb 2356 Council, based in Tilbury, which meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month; and the Corpus Christi 11891 Council, based at St. Peter’s which meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Contact Bob Baillargeon for more information.

Catholic Women’s League:

The League is a Canadian Catholic women’s organization which promotes the gifts and participation of Catholic women at the parish and local, provincial and national political levels.  St. Francis which meets the first Tuesday of the month.  Contact Donna Bourdeau or Liz Trudell for more information.

St. Vincent de Paul Society:

The society is an international Catholic organization dedicated, like its namesake, to seeing Christ in the poor and needy and serving them in their needs. We have a local group (called a conference) with representatives from all three of our churches which serves the needs of our parishes’ area. The conference meets the third Thursday of the month. Contact Rebecca McCarroll