When a member of Christ’s Body dies, the faithful are called to a ministry of consolation to those who have suffered the loss of one whom they love.  Christian consolation is rooted in that hope that comes from faith in the saving death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Christian hope faces the reality of death and the anguish of grief but trusts confidently that the power of sin and death has been vanquished by the Risen Lord. The Church calls each member of Christ’s Body – priest, deacon, layperson – to participate in the ministry of consolation to care for the dying, to pray for the dead, to comfort those who mourn.”  (OCF, 8)

Our condolences to the families of those whose funerals were held recently:

Mary Jane Sauve, funeral Mass on March 14

Norman Quenneville, funeral Mass on March 2

Patrice Salive, funeral Mass on February 27

Don Pare, funeral Mass on February 18

Claudia Laevens, funeral Mass at St. Peter’s on February 7

Pauline Glasier, funeral Mass on January 25

Alexina Phaneuf, funeral on January 20

Monique Rivard, funeral Mass on January 4

Aaron Jubenville, funeral Mass on December 31

Stan Ouellette, funeral service on December 30

Lonnie Daigneau, funeral service on December 28

Gertie Mclean, funeral Mass on December 21

Leon Gadal, funeral Mass on December 20

Rose-Ange Lemay, funeral Mass on December 18

Theresa Laliberte, funeral Mass on November 23

Theo Vanderpryt, funeral Mass on November 15

Don Lebert, funeral Mass on November 14

Beatrice Goodreau, funeral Mass on October 31

Rene Labonte, memorial Mass on October 26

Joseph Baert, interred at St. Peter’s cemetery on October 19

Norm Dufault, funeral Mass on October 16

Jim Peltier, funeral Mass on October 15

Rose Marie Larsh, funeral Mass on October 10 at St. Peter’s

Janet Labonte, funeral Mass on October 3.

Joseph Beaudoin, funeral Mass on September 23.

Denise McKeon, funeral Mass on September 9.

Murray Peltier, of St. Peter’s Parish, whose funeral was August 6.

What the Church says about Death: Click here for a video:  The Art of Dying Well 

Planning a Funeral Mass:

Choice of Readings for the Mass of Christian Burial (Funeral Mass) or Funeral Liturgy

On behalf of the clustered parishes of St. Francis Xavier and St-Peter’s-on-the-Thames, we would like to prayerfully offer you our sympathies and prayers at the death of your loved one.  May you find peace and healing in the promise of new life offered by the Lord Jesus.

In the blue book entitled, Sacred Scripture Selections for a Funeral Liturgy, which you will receive, we would encourage you to prayerfully consider which selections from scripture you would like proclaimed at the Mass of Christian Burial/Funeral Liturgy for your loved one.  You may wish to preview Scripture Suggestions for Funeral Liturgy.

Three readings are chosen:

ONE from the Old Testament, (in the blue book, pages 2-9) and ONE from the New Testament, (in the blue book, pages 10-28)

PLEASE NOTE: If it is during the Easter Season, choose ONE from pages 10-14 in the blue book AND ONE from pages 15-28 in the blue book.

Finally, ONE from the Gospels, pages 29-49.  So in total, there are THREE readings, one of which is the Gospel, which the Priest or Deacon proclaims.

You will need to select a lector (reader) for these readings.  One person can proclaim these two readings, or two people can.  The Gospel selection you have chosen is always read by the Priest or Deacon.

Prayers of the Faithful (Intercessions)

After the Homily at the Mass or Funeral Liturgy, the celebrant will invite you to pray the Prayers of the Faithful (or commonly called the Intercessions).  You have been given two sets to choose from.  Please feel free to personalize them.  Someone will need to be chosen to pray (read) these Prayers of the Faithful.  More than one person can be chosen as well.

Offertory *** Only for a Funeral Mass:  The bread and wine used for the Mass is usually processed to the altar by family and friends.  Also a symbolic “gift” can be processed in: a picture of your loved one, something that represents their personality and life.

Hymns:  You will also have to consider what music, what hymns you would like to incorporate as part of your celebration.

For additional assistance in preparing for a funeral, please read:  When Someone You Loved Has Died

Please note that our annual Parish Mass for the Deceased will be held on Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at St. Francis Xavier.

Grief Support Group – Grief Share – for help and encouragement after the death of a spouse, child, family member or friend.  Please find more information on the Bereavement Ministry Tab

Other sources of information that you might find helpful:

Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of London

What to Do When Someone Dies – Gov’t of Ontario

When Someone Dies – Gov’t of Canada

Litany for use at a cemeteryThis litany was written by Dr. Blanche Jennings Thompson, Franciscan Tertiary. It is approved for private use and bears the imprimatur of Most Rev. Samuel Stritch, former Archbishop of Milwaukee.